FAQ For Supervisors and Managers

How will you protect individuals who are helping to enforce this policy?

There will be no reprisal against anyone seeking assistance in enforcing this policy in a courteous and respectful manner.

I supervise several employees who smoke. How will they manage under the new policy?

Should they choose to do so, employees may use their allotted work breaks to travel off campus to smoke.  However, employees will not be given additional break time for smoking. Supervisors must be clear with employees on this matter.

What should managers/supervisors do if one of their employees violates the policy?

Supervisors are encouraged to communicate the University’s cessation assistance resources to employees and consult with Employee and Labor Relations prior to implementing disciplinary action.

A face-to-face meeting with the employee to discuss concerns is always the best place to start. The following tips can help:

How should managers/supervisors talk to employees about the policy?

We recommend that managers/supervisors remind employees of this policy and seek their cooperation with compliance.

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