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at UC Merced

How is the policy being enforced?

Through the authority provided in California Government Code 7597.1, the governing bodies of the University of California have the authority, in establishing policy for smoking and tobacco use, to set enforcement standards at local campuses.  

Violations of the policy by students, faculty or staff will be addressed in a matter consistent with any other policy violation.  Violations by non-affiliates may be addressed by UCPD.  In all cases, respectful communication of the policy is the most appropriate form of addressing policy violations.  Non-compliant or repeat offenders will be referred to the appropriate supervisor/organization as follows:

  • Faculty member - referred to Academic Senate
  • Staff member - referred to unit supervisor
  • Volunteer - referred to unit supervisor
  • Student - referred to Student Judicial Affairs or Housing and Residential Life Conduct
  • Visitor - referred to UC Police
  • Vendor/Contractor - referred to Purchasing, Facilities or Design and Construction